Relight Company was established in 1994 and nowadays the company has become one of the most dynamically developing operators on the Russian market. One of the main fields of our company's business is production and distribution of a wide range of stationery goods for school and office with "GMV" Trade Mark. Relight Company is also engaged in import of stationery supplies produced by world-famous companies in South-East Asia and in Europe.

Nowadays ProBuro has its own trademarks: LAPLANDIA - for children, NIXON - for office and stationery goods.

The trade mark NIXON is on the Russian market since 2004. Manufacturers describe a consumer of production NIXON by adjectives "modern", "stylish", "elegant" therefore corresponding demands are made to design and quality. They could be entered organically in any interior and create an ideal atmosphere for a dynamical life and comfortable work.

Erasers NIXON are soft and correct easily, not damaging of a work surface. They are intended for removal of graphite, inks and color pencils traces. The majority of erasers NIXON is made of natural rubber. The most interesting decision is a drop-shaped eraser allowing to correct point wise by the sharp end, and to delete traces of graphite from a large surface by blunt end.


My collection Nixon

The eraser NE30drop

The eraser NE20ph

The eraser NE240V

The eraser NE80W

The eraser is not defined

The eraser NE12с

The eraser NE10с

The eraser NE10