Company JOVI was founded in Barcelona in 1939 for development and releases stationery for children and was named by the first syllables in names of its founders (Josi Salvador Villanueva and Vicente Tejedo Royo). The company began the manufacture with graphyte pencils. In the middle of 50s Jovi began manufacturing writing implements, and produced a number of highly successful brands: FIBRO-PLAST, SUPER-LINE and the extremely popular MILECHENTO. In the 60s the company developed the PLASTICERUM formula, which was used to make JOVI-PLAST Modelling Paste which is still renowned for its quality today. In the 70s-80s – the company went into market with paints and paste for modelling, wax pencils and a make-up. The 90th years became the beginning of manufacture of soft game paste. Subsequently, following a change in business strategy by the company, Jovi ceased to produce writing implements to focus instead on children’s educational products. This led to the creation of JOVICOLOR, the first non-staining wax crayon for the classroom.

The company JOVI has some certificates of safety, including international certificate ISO 9001. All products JOVI are approved by the European community for use by children and certificated by American institute Art and Creative Materials.

Erasers JOVI are plastic mainly and suitable for any type of surface and come in individual plastic wrappers. Classical models JOVI are rectangular. Also there are wedge-shaped erasers.


My collection Jovi

The eraser 2030

The eraser 2020

The eraser Soft 130

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The eraser White 224

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