INDEX is the Austrian brand. A range of production under this cover includes more than 600 goods from more than 20 commodity groups. The name of trade mark INDEX is intended first of all for equipment of offices and associates with such concepts as «an index of economic growth», «an index of development» or «Dow-John’s index». Therefore for an advertising campaign of the trade mark the motto has been chosen: «INDEX – an index of growth of your business!».

The range of erasers INDEX includes wedge-shaped erasers intended for artists, and classical-shaped erasers - for use at school or office. Owing to an improved formula erasers INDEX delete pencil lines and ball pen traces, not damaging a paper, even for a fax. Working with them there is no need to shake off the rests of them - erasers possess good absorbing ability and keep an accurate condition even at constant use.

My collection Index

The eraser IRE 220-40

The eraser IRE 250-80

The eraser IRE 260-80

The eraser IRE 300

The eraser IRE 100-60

The eraser IRE 310

The eraser 200-30

The eraser IRE 110-10