HINDUSTAN PENCILS LTD is the largest Indian stationery manufacturing company (mainly pencils and erasers), founded in 1958. It is one of the largest in Asia. Nowadays HINDUSTAN PENCILS LTD annually produces nearby 3,5 million pencils, 0,45 million sharpeners, 1,2 million erasers. The company grows its own trees for pencil manufacture. Erasers are made under its own covers Nataraj and Apsara. Also other known companies place the orders there. Basis of erasers is PVC.

Erasers of trademark NATARAJ are the most interesting. They are rectangular vinyl erasers with the logotype NATARAJ put on them (711, 621). Also there is white eraser Speed Bird of tiny size. Eraser 702 is small multi-coloured octagons packed on 5 pieces. Eraser 621 Square is white one with the color center, overwraped with individual cardboard cover.

Erasers APSARA are produced for children (multi-coloured) and for office workers (white). For convenient use all of them are overwraped with a cardboard cover. They don’t make a dust and don’t smear deleting graphite lines.

Company HINDUSTAN PENCILS LTD has a wide experience of sales in the largest world networks; therefore the packing of erasers corresponds to all modern requirements (including standard D4236).


My collection Hindustan Pencils

The eraser APSARA ERA 001

The eraser APSARA 02E13

The erasers APSARA ERA005

The eraser NATARAJ Trio

The eraser NATARAJ 621

The eraser NATARAJ ERN 004