Company ADEL KALEMCILIK TICARET VE SANAYI A.S. was founded in 1969 as a partnership between Anadolu Group – one of the largest industrial conglomerates of Turkey and A.W. Faber-Castell from Germany – a worldwide renowned writing instruments company. Today Adel exports its products more than to 35 countries of the world.

The assortment of the company includes two kinds of erasers: office and fancy.

Office erasers are intended for removal of graphite lines. They are white, ergonomic thanks to transparent plastic or cardboard cover (depending on model), PVC-free and their sizes are from 50*20*11 mm to 60*22*12 mm. There are wedge-shaped vinyl erasers (model 706). Model Quality Eraser is added by special cardboard cover of red-blue or blue-green colors for handier work. The sizes of these erasers are from 19*45*12 mm to 22*60*12 mm. Also there are oval erasers of 4 colors; they have size 24,5*45*14,5 mm.

Nice erasers for children Fancy are also PVC-free and differ from office erasers by bright colors. A feature of the eraser ABC (45*28*10 mm) is the letters of the alphabet on each eraser. Erasers Bee (35*22,7*8,5 mm), Dog (28*27,2*8,5 mm) and Duck (35*22,7*8,5 mm), Horoscope (35*22,7*8,5 mm), Musical (28*22,7*8,5 mm), Stripe (55*15*12 mm) have corresponding images.

There are erasers with transparent plastic covers – Flash PVC free – of 4 fluorescent colors (50*20*11 mm).

All erasers ADEL are of rectangular form, except wedge-shaped Trapeze PVC-free eraser (55*19,5*9 mm) which is produced of 4 fluorescent colors.


My collection Adel

The eraser Flash PVC-free

The eraser 788

The eraser 737

The eraser 785-30

The eraser DOG

The eraser BEE

The eraser 774-30

The eraser Alphabet

The eraser ABC

The eraser ABC

The eraser 755-30 blue

The eraser 755-30 red

The eraser 790-36

The eraser 766-36

The eraser 768-24

The eraser Animals

The eraser AD-20

The eraser AD-30

The eraser Office 747-48

The eraser is not defined

The eraser Office 736-32

The eraser BL-20